My Mission & Values

My Mission

My Purpose is to draw on my Calmness and Deep Thinking to Inspire and Develop others to lead Happy & Meaningful Lives filled with Mutual Kindness and Helpfulness.

I Contribute More than I Consume, I Give More than I Receive and I Make a Net Positive Impact.

I am totally committed to cradle-to-grave self-development. I freely share all that I learn and know with others so that we may all lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

I am devoted to charity on a continuous and consistent basis. The charities I support are focused on providing long term solutions that address problems that mater. In particular these charities focus on making a difference through Basic Infrastructure & Education.

My Children are my heart’s joy. I raise them, nurture them, educate them and am always supportively there for them. I constantly impress upon them the importance of being good human beings and Making a Positive Impact with their lives.

My Values

Integrity – I conduct all my affairs with Integrity without exception. If I can’t do something while maintaining my Integrity, I will not do it.

Fairness – I treat everyone fairly in all my dealings irrespective of origin, nationality, race, religion, gender or any other personal disposition.

Caring – I believe that we are all connected and what affects one person affects all of us. Hence we should care what happens to each other. I seek to help as many people as possible. Even if I only benefit one person a little; it is worth it because we are all better off.

Wisdom – In a world of Information Overload and Soundbites, Wisdom is often in short supply. I steadfastly seek Wisdom, try to live by it and I share it freely with others.

Abundance – There is enough for everyone and I’m grateful for it. I always seek a win-win and I do not need others to lose for me to win. The success of others enhances me and does not diminish me. I seek to be creatively-minded in preference to being competitively-minded.


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